Friday, January 04, 2008

Dave's New Year's Resolution

Well, my resolution as it would pertain to this site and the subject matter wee talk about here. Writing. Writing with Charlie.

So it's really a subsection of my actual writing resolutions, which themselves are a subsection of my entire resolutions. Just wanted to be clear.


I'm gonna write more.

Hmm, that seems vague.

Well for starters, the current status of the Human Growth Hormone/Mango/Midget sex romp is in my hands. I'm going to finish the draft. And soon-ish.

Soon-ish? That tends to mean, like, when I get around to it. But before I forget about it completely.

See, some other non-Charlie-writing Resolutions will have to be satisfied before this one, because of things outside of my control. But then I'll jump on this and be rocking and rolling.

So there you have it. Dave's Charlie-Writing New Year's Resolution.
Astounding, I know. Inspiring, I'm sure.

Oh, and some day we'll make Siege.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Hey America - Go F Yourself!

Hey America... what the f*ck?!

I've put up with a lot over the years. Ketchup as a vegetable when I was in school. Bush. Not once. Not even twice. Three god*amn times. Susan B. Anthony dollars. Crocs.

But you've gone too far, America. This time... you've gone too far.

Have you really shelled out nearly $150 million dollars to see National Treasure: Book of Secrets?" YES, America, you have.

You filthy, gutter-dragging, lowest-common-denominator-pandering whore. $150 mil??

That's just wrong.

Its over, America. I'm going back to China. Call me when you're ready to drop that kinda dough on movies like ONCE.

- Charlie