Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mum's The Word

So we've been quiet for awhile.

And by "WE" I mostly mean... well... "ME."

See... Dave did his pass of clean-up of my rewrites to the unnamed Gay-Porn/Airliner-Disaster/Urban-Comedy/Barbarella-remake.  I then read the whole thing from the beginning again.

And thought of stuff that should be different.

We were almost there.  I should have kept my mouth shut, said it was perfect, and let him toss it to his manager, who instantly hates anything we do together anyhow.  But I didn't.  I tossed out ideas, some of which Dave agreed with.

So now the onus is on me to do another rewrite.  I need to do it.  I've been meaning to do it.  Now I just need to make time.  Kinda like blogging!  Heh. 

I was out in Los Angeles last week, catching up with friends.  Did some hustling, trying to get the raunchy comedy screenplay read, but didn't have much luck.  Guess no one wanted a date with "the hottest old man on Santa Monica at 3am" in exchange for reading the screenplay.  I'll continue to work it, though.

And the latest on Siege is the same as the oldest on Siege.  Any day now, things are going crazy, its gonna be huge, biggest movie of 2004, yadda yadda yadda.

Anyhow... that's pretty much the latest.  Sorry its been a bit slow lately, true believers.  Things will pick back up soon, though, especially to hear Producer Dude tell it.  And if not, we'll keep writing about not writing! 

- Charlie

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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Comedy Not

Sad news Campers,

My Manager had her people read our awesome, can't-miss comedy and said, in so many words:


Truth is, this was an uphill climb, because My Manager sees me as the Sci-Fi/Horror genre guy. So to throw a sex comedy in My Manager's face was daring, to say the least.

but My Manager has now passed on this script twice, and there will be no third time.

So where does that leave us? Well, we have a kick-ass, can't miss comedy script. So Charlie has entered it into a contest, we may enter it into others, we will continue to look for avenues and people to get it out to, but beyond that, we're scrapped.

Anyone want to make a raunchy, hilarious, can't-miss, kick-ass comedy? Probably cost under $5 million with the right cast. Done right, this baby'll rake it in at the box office.

Just like Siege...

Oh right. Siege. Here's the latest on that one.

Producer Dude said to me, just yesterday, that we are "Oh, so f%*@#ing close! Money is almost there! I'll be in touch with you guys so very, very soon!"


I thought making movies was supposed to be easy?