Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Christmas Miracle

...and so I'm all like... "I don't care WHAT you do for Fabio, I can't score women for you."


Oh... wow... hey, you! I sure didn't expect to see you here.
(Excuse me for a few minutes guys...)

Wow. Look at you. You look incredible. How long's it been?

God, that long? Jeez. I knew it had been awhile, but I didn't realize how time had just slipped away from me. You really do look great. I dig the new hair - bangs - totally works. Super cute.

I really meant to get in touch... it's just that work has been totally crazy -- I was in China for a few weeks, and then Thanksgiving - hey do you call it Bangsgiving now? Hahah! Um... yeah... I bet you don't miss the lame jokes, huh? Anyhow, my paying gig's been so crazy I just haven't had any spare time at all. Its all good, though... China was amazing, and I got a nice promotion and a big office...

Man, I miss the good old days. Remember how we used to snuggle in the morning under that big comforter of yours?

What? Oh. God. That's embarassing. Sure sign I'm getting old... memory's going, heh. I could have sworn we used to do that.

My writing? Yeah. We haven't seen each other in ages, but that probably hasn't changed much. Dave and I finished up the un-named horror/thriller thingie, and then I was going to do a polish, but I got so busy with work... And remember Producer Dude? As usual, he's reappeared after months of silence and is again promising the movie is going to move forward sometime REALLY REALLY REALLY soon. But, you know... that's pretty much the same story as last time I saw you. And, for that matter, when we first met.

You knew all of that already? How?

Oh... I didn't realize you and Dave still talked. Huh. Do you guys see each other often? Really? I can't believe he hasn't mentioned that.

Um... well... I should probably get back to my buddies. Tim always gets drunk at these Christmas parties and ends up making out with the busboy or something. I don't want to miss it. But - hey - let's get together after the holidays. It'd be great to hang out and really catch up.

Ok. Yeah... you, too. And you really do look hot. Cheers!

Right... bye!

(God, how awkward was THAT?)

- Charlie

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