Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Dear Diary...

Ok. So here's the latest update.

Producer Dude's "Other Movie" - the one he's made just before he's really, really, really, really gonna make SIEGE - is an award winner. Last week at the Boise Action & Musical Comedy Film Festival (or something like that) it was nominated for something like 18 awards in nearly every major category, and managed to snag several of the top prizes, like Best New Actress In A C-Grade Action or Musical Comedy, Best Action Sequence In an Action & Musical Comedy Film Willing to Screen At The Boise Action & Musical Comedy Film Festival, and the grand prize, Boise's Corn D'Or.

All of this, if you believe Producer Dude, is REALLY REALLY huge news for SIEGE, and as soon as we move things forward with preproduction on it, its gonna be MASSIVE.

That said, we've all heard this song and dance before, haven't we? Yes... the cynicism is palpable.

In the meantime, I've finally taken a couple of steps forward with the previously untitled sci-fi/horror flick that I've now taken to calling "FREE 3G IPHONES: THE ACTION AND MUSICAL COMEDY FILM THAT LOVES IOWA" just because I think it increases our chances of getting butts in seats and entry into certain film festivals.

Its actually printed out and sitting on my desk right now. Look:

Yup. I've actually even made a few notes. Sure, its slow going, but I'm working on it folks, and that, in its own right, is massive progress. In fact, I haven't even heard much from Dave lately. I think he hates me now, and this is the first step in reconciling our relationship and winning back his love.

Meanwhile, I'm heading back to China in a few days. I love that country, ya'll.

- Charlie