Friday, March 30, 2007

Meanwhile, back in the land of the lesbian/pygmy/absinth script...


Waiting to hear back from Producer Dude on the contracts for Siege.

Waiting to hear back from some peeps of Charlie's who are reading another script of ours.

Waiting to hear back from My Manager on the status of the TV Project of mine.

So with time to kill, it's time to turn back to our standby favorite, the aquatic cats/married siblings/Galapagos script we've written. We got back some notes from Assistant to My Manager (My Manager didn't love it, but also didn't stop Assistant to My Manager from taking a liking to it and helping with notes) and we've read them. Even had a phone call between Charlie and myself. He sounds just like Bob Balaban on the phone, it's eerie.

So I'm taking first stab. The notes are all kinda "You need more character" and "You need a different plot" and so forth, but the really big one is "Hey, you know that big reveal that you do on page 65? It should come about 30 pages earlier."

So I'm moving pivotal information into the beginning of the second act, and seeing how that changes absolutely everything else that happens.

The fun never stops.

Actually, it's a good note. And it will, indeed, add a lot of tension and conflict into an otherwise "Star Trek" world, where the characters all like each other (at first, anyway) and the conflict comes from outside. That sort of script is soooo 1993. Today, people want everyone to be flawed, everyone to fight, and everyone to get naked and dance on a severed head.

Don't they?

We'll see.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Return To Normalcy

So after all the buzz and hubub last week, what with us getting letters of commitment from several Oscar-winning stars and all... well... ok... Oscar-nominated... ok... fine... stars who've been to Oscar parties.

Anyhow... where was I? Oh yeah... after all the buzz and hubub last week, things have settled back into the traditional routine for Siege - dead silence.

Producer Dude is off in Sierra Leone, or Haiti, or Bangladesh or some other third world country, filming his latest magnum opus. I'm pretty sure its set in New York City.

The point being, they don't really have internet, or phones, or electricity, or cars or lights or motorcars in such places, so we haven't heard from him since he left for the shoot. It'll probably be that way for another couple of weeks, so until then, expect filler posts from Dave and I. I'll probably wax poetic about kid/dog/rabbit crap, and Dave will interview a guy who was an extra in "War of the Worlds" (though his part got cut out).

We'll get a pop again soon, though, and then it'll be off to the races once again.


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

An Interview with Brian Nowac - Part 2

So, like, before even more amazing news breaks on Siege, we thought we'd give y'all the second half of our interview with bmovieonline guru Brian Nowac.

So.. here it is.


B-Movie Writers: What's the desired budget range for your film?

Brian Nowac: I really don’t think in terms of budgets, I think in terms of profits.

Unfortunately the rest of the world wants to know about budgets, that is why B MOVIE ONLINE’s co-founder Abhi Singh is in the picture. He worries about what the budgets are, and that is also why our other co-founder Jason Clause is here. He worries about where the budgets come from.

But I’m told our budget range for production is $250k to $500k.

BMW: How are you planning on casting your film? A few more "job openings" posted on the site?

BN: Absolutely, with the exception of the production crew, all the people involved in this project will be recruited via the Internet. We have several different angles to filling the cast we will be using, all capitalizing on tools the Internet is offering.

BMW: What sort of roll-out are you anticipating for your movie? Wide release? Festivals? Straight-to-DVD?

BN: That will all depend on two things: Buzz & Eligibility. As I’m sure you know the film festivals (at least the big ones) have pretty tight restrictions on the entrees. Based on how we are promoting the film, even before it’s made we may be out of the picture for most of these festivals.

It will also depend on how big the buzz is about the picture before it’s done. If we have people beating down our doors to release the film in nationwide theatres we will.

But I anticipate a smaller release in select second run theatres across the country, followed by a major push to the online downloadable market through online paid film & video content providers like: iTunes, AOL video, and others.

BMW: Why is your site entirely on video, and not text?

BN: Times are changing, the Internet is quickly becoming the chosen entertainment medium of our target market of viewers. Our site is made to entertain and interact with people.

We want our viewers to come to our sight, see and hear someone telling them about what we are doing. We don’t want them to have to read about it.

Think about it like a reality TV show that you can watch anytime you want and even select the characters you want to follow and weed out the ones you aren’t interested in.

Or consider this: when you turn on your TV to watch the evening news, the anchorman doesn’t hold up a copy of the day’s newspaper to the camera and let you read the stories. Who said the Internet has too.

Well anyway, I say it doesn’t and reflects that ideology.

BMW: How many takes did you need to get your intro speech down?

BN: Usually the video shoots work out pretty well. One or two cracks at it and it’s in the can. That one in particular was easy, I only had to deliver the lines once or twice everything else was done in post.

However, that is not always the case. In my most recent update I was so tired it took me about 20 attempts just to get it all out, and I still think I missed things.

BMW: You come across in the clip as very intense. A little intimidating. Was that on purpose? To scare away the pussies?

BN: I don’t want to scary anyone away, but I do want them to know I mean business. I mean, I want people to know how serious I am about making this thing work.

In reality I’m kind of a silly guy and I wanted to shake any trace of that in the first impression I gave on the web site.

BMW: You posted your wedding video to YouTube, mixed in with you and your wife lip-syncing Time of My Life from Dirty Dancing. It's actually really sweet, and you guys look shamelessly in love. Your wife is hot. That's it, no question. Just… your wife is hot. Well done.

BN: Word.

BMW: You are B Movie Online. Are you worried of becoming too successful and having to change your name?

BN: No, B Movies are worried about me becoming too successful and having to up their standards.

BMW: What's your dream scenario coming out of this?

BN: I want paparazzi to take pictures of my crotch as I get out of cars.

BMW: Finally, what's one thing you want people to know about B Movie Online?

BN: I want them to know that they aren’t cool unless they check it out at least once a week.

BMW: And really finally, you guys are We're Is it just me, or is that a match made in heaven?

BN: If our accountant says we can file jointly and save money, I’m up for anything.


There ya go, I hope you enjoyed this peek inside the mind of a Big Time San Francisco Movie Producer.

And for the record, his wife IS hot.

Monday, March 12, 2007

More Breaking News...

I hate that we're now pushing off Part II of Dave's interview with Brian from BMovie Online one more day, but we have another round of late breaking Siege news.

This just in...

Producer Dude emailed us both yesterday, with a scanned copy of ANOTHER signed letter of intent, from another BIG NAME ACTOR.

For those of you keeping score at home, that's like... well... two big name actors!

Now, assuming the movie ever gets made, and they end up actually showing up to the set, this could be fantastic. But it'll also carry some challenges we'll eventually have to address.

Presumably, we can only afford Big Name Actors for a finite period of time. They aren't cheap, but Siege's budget is. So... when we originally wrote the movie, we anticipated one such role. Now... one of our Big Name Actors would be killer for a lead role - the main villain. If we can afford him for that long. The other Big Name Actor would play the "cameo" type role.

However... if we can't get the guy who'd be great for a villain for a long enough period of time... or if Producer Dude lands a THIRD Big Name Actor he's courting, well... then Dave and I get to do rewrites and pull magical roles out of our butts for these guys.

Don't get me wrong. We can do it... and it'll be fun. Hell, I hope we HAVE to do it... but that's the next challenge that could be on the horizon.

Hrmmmm... what kind of lead-but-able-to-shoot-in-a-day role would YOU write in a shoot-em-up action flick for a handsome British thespian, best known for his rogue charm and foppish good looks, when he usually plays in romantic comedies opposite Renee Zelwegger?


P.S. Dave's pointed out that people could apparently misconstrue my comments to imply that Hugh Grant is somehow involved with Siege. I apologize for any confusion. I'm clearly referring to [NAME REMOVED FROM THIS POST BY ORDER OF CAA].

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Friday, March 09, 2007

We Interupt this Interview...

We'll get back to part 2 of our kick-ass interview with Brian Nowac next week, but first, we wanted to spout off this hot, late-breaking Siege news.

The engines are rumbling.

We're actually tugging back and forth over details in the new contract (like where to place the decimal point in our fee), but are making serious headway to an agreement that will set Charlie and myself up financially for a week.

Meanwhile, Producer Dude has pitched Siege to some money people, and the money people have responded positively. They want to see the script, but that's not an issue, because in this world, if the script has a coherent beginning, middle, and end (or at least a coherent beginning and middle) they're on board.

But most impressively, a Big Name Talent has agreed to do the film!

This is a Talent that you have heard of, and not just "Hmm.. oh yeah! They played second cop #3 in one of the Earnest Goes to X movies." But someone who will make you go "Oh! Really! Like, really? Siege? Katie Holmes must be draining his pocketbook something fierce!" There's even a signed letter of intent, which reads something like:

"Dear Anonymous Casting Agent/Producer. As the Agent for Big Name Talent, I'm recommending that Big Name Talent do the project Siege pending availability."

And it's on Big Agency Stationary. All very impressive.

We're jacked.

Not sure what role Big Name Talent would play, since none of our characters speak with an Austrian accent. But hey, if they can get away from the Statehouse, we'll work around their schedule.

And maybe Big Name Talent can convince their much-younger, equally famous spouse to do the film as well, as long as they promise not to punk anyone.

We rock!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Interview with Brian Nowac - Part One

After our successful interview with Gordy Hoffman, and the news of all the free press and publicity it brought him, we have become inundated with requests from some of the top people in show business.

It's the best of both worlds right now, as we pick and choose who to bless with this incredible opportunity. We wanted our next interview subject to be someone exciting, revolutionary, and incredible. And desperate for publicity. So we,, hooked up with At first, it was, well, Charlie entered our new URL wrong. But Dude! There's someone there! So we interviewed them. Specifically, Brian Nowac, the head cheese himself.

It was such an incredible interview, that we're chopping it up into two posts. We'll post part 2 later in the week, after both of you have had a chance to read part 1.

Who is Brian Nowac? What is Well, they're kinda, sorta a screenwriting competition. But not really. They're making a movie, and they want to make YOUR movie. And they, well, damn it, I'll let Brian tell you.


B-Movie Writers: Brian, thanks for taking the time out of your busy life as a big time San Francisco Movie Producer to talk to a couple of lowly bloggers.

Brian Nowac: Lowly? Come on guys, don’t be so hard on yourself. This is a B Movie blog right, which only makes you “Second Class” not bottom of the barrel.

BMW: In your own words, what is B Movie Online?

BN: is not just a website, it’s a revolutionary communication web site totally driven by video vs. text, it’s an interactive video portal to the behind the-scenes world of an independent feature film.

With our web site, B MOVIE ONLINE is set to challenge the film studio model, open doors and break down the walls of the Hollywood mansion.

In short, B MOVIE ONLINE will use nontraditional film production, financing, Internet buzz and cyber communities, and get undiscovered talent off computer desktops and onto the big screens.

BMW: OK, that sounded like someone else's words. Maybe a publicist. How about, "What is B Movie Online?" in 20 words or less.

BN: It’s a kick ass idea that uses all the tools available on the Internet to develop untapped talent desperate to be a part of the film industry and gives them the exposure they need to become a part of it.

BMW: That was 40.

BN: Okay try this: B MOVIE ONLINE is a gateway into the film industry for America’s undiscovered talent in writing, acting and film production.

BMW: How did you get your start in show business?

BN: Lip sinking to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” album on the couch in my parent’s living room!

Actually performing is not really where my interest lay, I’m a behind the camera man at heart.

I started making short movies with video cameras and toys as a kid. In high school, it became video cameras and friends in the movies.

Then I went to college and got some “formal education”. I graduated with a BA in Mass Media Communication, and immediately moved out to LA to sign the “Rich-n-Famous Contract”.

That was about 10-years ago, apparently my contract got lost in the mail.

BMW: What makes you qualified to make a movie? Aside from, you know, having money.

BN: Actually, personally I don’t have any money. I’m broke as a joke. Any I do have gets rolled directly back into one of my two company’s; either B MOVIE ONLINE, or BARS+TONE Productions (

BARS+TONE is an established production company here is San Francisco that I co-own with two other people. We do predominantly corporate work, to pay the bills, but we do it well working for big business like GAP, Sephora, Chevron and Circulon.

It’s really been at BARS+TONE that I have honed my skills in production. I came on board here in 2004 and since then have worked on well over 100 different projects of varying size, type and genre.

It has also been at BARS+TONE that I have sharpened my skills and knowledge of PR, Marketing and Advertising. Which are all key elements in what makes B MOVIE ONLINE work.

BMW: On your website,, you advertise an opening for a script writer. What does the job pay? Does it come with benefits? 401k? Guaranteed spot on the softball team?

BN: Short answer:

Yes, Yes, No, Kinda (we got a kickball team, or we would if I had any time to register us in a league)

Long answer:

Pay? Yes, the writer we bring onto our team will be given a paid contract & script option to join our team. The Contract/Option will be based on their experience and the required budget to complete their script. Its percentage based as well, so more than likely the chosen applicant will make substantially more than they would through the traditional option process.

We at B MOVIE ONLINE appreciate what goes into writing a script and want to be sure the writer gets their payout.

Bene’s? You damn right, sex, drugs and Rock’n’Roll. Not to mention B MOVIE ONLINE is all about exposure, as you can see everyone involved with us, gets their own little opportunity to promote themselves in a big way.

401K? Not yet, but if I get my way, everyone involved with B MOVIE ONLINE will have their own retirement fund in the bank when we’re finished with this film.

Softball? Not yet, like I said we got a kickball team, or we would if I had any time to register us in a league

BMW: Why have you turned to the World Wide Web to find a script? Why not comb random local college screenwriting classes?

BN: I’m open to accepting applications from college students; I’m open to accepting applications from anyone… I would rather get something and tell someone “No,” than miss out on the next Neil Simon.

But frankly, I could get a script just about anywhere. We decided to do the Script Writer Search as a means to a) discover some unknown talent and b) to attract attention to our site.

One of our goals is to develop an audience that already has time vested in the idea by the time the film is actually released.

We’re basically “stacking the deck” in a sense.

BMW: Do you plan to use the script that is submitted, or are you looking for a writer who will write from an original idea of yours?

BN: I’m looking to find someone who has written a good script, something I can sink my teeth into. I would love to develop a good relationship with our chosen writer and work on future projects with them as well. But for this time around, I want what’s in their heart, and I want to bring it to the big screen.

BMW: What are you really looking for in a script? You claim to want a comedy, romantic comedy, or a suspense/thriller. Why not horror? Ketchup is pretty cheap these days, and since horror usually takes place at night, you'd save on lighting.

BN: I have no problem with Horror. Shit, nothing sells like it from a low budget perspective.

But, again I don’t want to miss out on that script that would be perfect for our project just because I limited the genre. I don’t want to limit our selection at all.

Horror scripts welcome! Hell, I’ll do a Christmas movie if the script is good. In fact, I’d love to do a Christmas movie, I love Christmas!

BMW: As any writer will tell you, the hardest part is getting your script into the right hands. You may have written the best lesbian/tort reform thriller, but it's worthless unless someone reads it who wants to make a lesbian/tort reform thriller. Here you come, like a knight in shining armor, ready to pluck a scribe from obscurity and help them taste the sweet smell of success. My question is: would you be interested in a lesbian/tort reform thriller?

BN: A lesbian/tort reform thriller, I haven’t read a script for one yet, but I wouldn’t be apposed to it. Being a “Lesbian” is a very “in” thing these days. I think a flick like this would do well.


There you are, words of wisdom from Brian Nowac, head cheese at Check back later in the week for part 2. In the meantime, start working on those hot lesbian/tort reform thrillers!