Wednesday, February 18, 2009

B-Movie Writers Reloaded

So I know its been awhile since we've posted.  Like... 6 months. 

Most of you are probably long-gone.  You've moved on to bigger and better things:  Your "25 Totally Wacky Things You Didn't Know About Me" lists on Facebook;  Videos of a dog peeing on a baby on Youtube (Barney's right, it is funny); pictures of a kitten standing on a CD captioned "I IZ UR DJ NOW, RT?!"; and blogs about Monkey Attacks.

Let's face it.  We deserved to be deserted.  We let you down.  

But we've got an excuse.  I swear.  See... we didn't have anything meaningful to say.  I mean... a LOT has transpired, but not stuff that'd really be germane to readers of a blog about screenwriting.

So... I'm vowing to remedy this by, well, writing about stuff no longer germane to readers of a blog about screenwriting.  Hope you're all willing to go through a transition with us as we expand our horizons a bit and write a little more about general interest topics, entertainment in general and, God willing, occasionally something related to screenwriting.

Let me bring you up to speed:

Since we last wrote I've moved to Beijing, China, relatively full-time.  I  have a job here, an apartment here, several pairs of shoes, a bank account, and a gym membership.  If that ain't expatriation, I don't know what is.

And Dave... well... I don't really know WHAT Dave's been up to.  Frankly, that's part of the impetus behind rebooting this blog.  I miss the lil' fella.  We haven't written together in eons, though we communicate several times a week.  Unfortunately, here's what a typical communication these days looks like:

Charlie:  Hi Dave!
Dave:  WTF is a Zouk?!
Charlie:  Um... its a type of music?
Dave:  You couldn't possibly know that word.
Charlie:  Sure.  I rock out to zouk all the time.
Charlie:  Oooookay... Anything from Producer Dude?
Dave:  Go F yourself.  And no.

So we're rebooting.  I haven't mentioned this to Dave yet, so here's hoping he reads this blog still and comes along for the ride.

And in the meantime, I'll be writing about how nutty it is to be an expat American in China (it is), all the cool paces I get to go (China and beyond), all the zany things Chinese people eat (dog!), and will do my best to at least peripherally relate some of it to film and media.

And maybe Dave can write about how nutty it is to be an expat Californian in New York (it can't be), all the cool places he gets to go (the mall), all the nutty things New Yorkers eat (perogies!), and he's probably actually writing, so he can help keep us on topic.

So come back often, tell your friends, join our Followers List on the right, and buy the t-shirt.

-  Charlie