Thursday, February 19, 2009

Me? You Want To Know About Me?

Well, since Charlie has gone all Red Dragon on me and time shifted 12 hours into the future so he's never on IM the same time as me, it seems the only way to stay up to date with each other is by publicly spilling our guts on the Internet.

So OK. Here's the latest on Producer Dude.


Actually, in a bizarre twist of fate, the film he made before he was going to make our film has found a surprising amount of success. Something called The Dark Knight. Not. But his masterpeice has won some b-movie awards and can be found in pirated-DVD stalls across the globe, as attested to by Charlie Chang-Yang-Ming himself.

Is this good for us? Well, on one hand, the next film made by Producer Guy will undoubtedly have an audience based on his most recent success. On the other hand, this is Producer Dude. So.. no.

So what have I been doing?

Glad you asked.


My brilliant Hollywood Manager remains brilliant. With My Manager's help, I have developed a TV show. So what does an unknown writer do with an original TV show? He searches far and wide for someone who is not unknown to become interested. Or, more precisely, he waits for His Manager to find the Golden Calf.

Golden Calf found.

I can't name names, and I won't, but after bumping around between a couple of different companies, my TV show has garnered the interest of a company centered on a currently very big Hollywood individual. I have been working with this company, and just sent them a final draft of the Pilot episode on Thursday. They read it over the weekend, love it to death, thought we hit all their notes just right, and will be be getting it back into the hands of the Golden Calf next week. Why next week and not right away? Because due to the Golden Calf's latest project, the Golden Calf will be kind of distracted until on Sunday.

If you can read between the lines, you won't know who the Golden Calf is, but you might understand why things look pretty damn good.

Anyway, that's me. When I'm able to say more, I will say more. But for now, I have to go back and take my drumming from Charlie in scrabble- who I never thought would be so damned good at the game.