Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Little Script That Could

Rat Bastard that I am, I finally peered over the edge of my Bling and remembered that I still have this cute little commitment to write something with Charlie.

It pains me to stoop to his level. After all, I'm this big, awesome writer with scripts and projects that NOBODY HAS PAID A DIME FOR YET.

Seriously folks, if Charlie's right and y'all got the impression that I'd jumped the Charlie Ship, there be some serious misunderstandin' going on.

Right now, the best chance for actual cash-cash to line my pocket comes from Siege. That's a fact. True, at the rate we're going, Charlie and I'll be in the old age home and our kids will cash the checks, but it's still far more solid than anything I have on the side.

Plus, and this is way more important, Charlie is a really good friend of mine. I wouldn't 't screw him over or leave him in the dirt for anything.

So anyway.

Our awesome pygmy/jungle/blimp adventure has been revving its wheels while we do our "Homework." Character bios. Backstories. Things like that.

Well full friggin' speed ahead!

We have now hashed out an ending that we like. We have hashed out major beats in Act II that move the story along. We have an idea of where this train is headed. So we're almost ready for full speed ahead!

Charlie's finalizing our Act III plans, putting thoughts on e-paper and so forth. I'm going back over Act I with an eye on the new information we came up with to flesh everything out, making course corrections and what have you.

Then, we begin our work. Act II. The meat of the story. Already outlined in a very light, breezy, Devil-may-care way.

It's exciting. It's invigorating. It's perky and zesty, like a good guacamole.

We THINK we can has been changed to We KNOW we can.

And that's a good thing.

And we did it together.

Because we love each other.

And Natalie Portman.